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Bienvenido al Sector Mississauga-Hamilton

Hay seis equipos de habla inglesa en el Sector Mississauga-Hamilton con cuatro Consejeros Espirituales.

Este sector forma parte de Canadá Central en Ontario.

Acerca de la pareja del sector

Paige y Roman Golovchenko llevan 15 años casados y tienen cuatro hijos. Forman parte de los Equipos desde hace nueve años y forman parte del equipo de Nuestra Señora de la Victoria.

En sus propias palabras:

Prior to Teams, we had a good marriage but we yearned to grow in our faith. We just didn’t know how to go about it. It took the first few years to acclimate to the structure and discipline of the Endeavours, however, once we did our faith grew and our marriage reaped the rewards of our perseverance. Our Teammates, especially our Spiritual Counsellor has been of great support, encouragement and accountability. The Endeavours have served as a roadmap that have strengthened us individually, guided us as a couple and blessed our children in ways we could not have predicted. Our service in Teams as the Central Lead Pilot Couple and as the Sector Couple is a small sacrifice of time in comparison to the people, the testimonies and the grace that God has blessed us.

Sector Pareja

Paige y Roman Golovchenko

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