Testimonials from Couples in Teams

We have been in the Team Of Our Lady for a short time, but every day we feel fortunate to have found them in our way.  As a couple is pleasing to know that we do something within a team so our marriage is blessed by the Lord.

Ivonne Rodríguez y José Javier Pineda

We are very grateful to God for present in our way father Augusto, who invited us to participate in TOOL. We are very happy of having accepted the calling the Lord did to us then and for having preserved until today, because through our experience in TOOL we truly understand the commitment that we have in this project of love that God has set for us as a couple through the Sacrament of Marriage.

Rosamaria y Luis Rocha

We feel blessed and full of grace, having the tools that strengthen us as a family and as a couple, so we can keep making our home complete, full of harmony, full of the Lord’s grace in our path to sanctity with Jesus Christ guidance.

Caren y Alfredo Sulbaran

We feel a great Joy for being part of the TOOL. It has been beautiful and impressive to see the Spirit of God working in so many couples giving an important testimony of Christ to the community.

Miriam y Terry Sharp